My goal is

To empower you to overcome mental health barriers to be in control of your own body, mind and soul.

To educate you by using an evidence-based approach to nutrition and training in order to sustain enjoyable methods for life long fitness.

To elevate your mindset to become the best version of yourself.

Health and Fitness is more just than just attaining a physique goal, its also the internal work. All the positive changes, the confidence, the strength you build will carry over into every other part of your life!

My Story - Who am I?

Growing up in a typical Asian household that held onto strong cultural beliefs, fitness was not really talked about as I was expected to mainly study and do well in school.

It was only during high school, where I really enjoyed fitness because I was more involved in team sports. With compulsory classes and seeing my participation in the school cross country, my love for fitness and how my body moved grew.

I’ve been pretty active up until I started university where I got my first ever gym membership! At the time, I only joined because I wanted to look like the super lean fitness models you see on social media.

I was your typical cardio bunny because that’s what I was conditioned to believe that I had to do in order to get skinny and have visible abs because that is considered ‘attractive’ and is ‘beautiful’ at the time. I viewed fitness differently than to what I do now. 

For the most part, I enjoyed it for the endorphins but I also didn’t live a very healthy lifestyle as my eating habits and the food choices I made were poor.

As the years went by and having an unhealthy lifestyle, I began to realize how unhappy I was with my body as I was borderline overweight and stuck in a rut.

I felt like I had no direction and my life was revolved around pleasing others, my relationship and family that I lost myself. I knew deep down I was unhappy and that I needed to do something about it.

That’s when I decided to channel my unhappiness from the relationships and my body into becoming healthier and fitter. This meant more nutrient-dense food and a consistent exercise regime.

I was very disciplined with my health and fitness routine, waking up early every morning and driving to the gym to do my HIIT session followed by weights! If I couldn’t fit in the weights, I would go to the gym for the second time to get it in – all for the love of endorphins!

When I saw my body changing and the weight coming off, I was obsessed with this change and wanted more! I genuinely felt amazing and felt compelled to share with others how adopting a healthier and fitter lifestyle can really change the way they feel.

So I studied my certificate 3 and 4 to become a Personal Trainer whilst I was still studying my full time Bachelor of Science Degree at university. Personal Training was more of a hobby because I genuinely wanted to help others feel great and be happy through health and fitness as it did for me.

Fitness really turned my life around completely as it gave me all the confidence and strength from within! It took time for me to come to understand that I am my own person and that I am deserving of my own happiness. 

Because of the progress I’ve made being made through health and fitness, I wanted to take it to the next step and do a fitness competition. 

Truth be told, I did not have the best competition prep, my coach at the time put me on ridiculously low calories – as low as 700 calories, I was pretty much starved! At the time, I thought this was normal and was reminded by my coach then that suffering was to be expected.

After my competition with no clear goals in sight, I rebounded and gained all my weight back and more. This is the price I paid for being 13% BF, veins popping and 6 pack, losing my period, my libido, developing poor body image issue and disordered eating patterns.

It really affected everything in my life, I hit rock bottom and my mental health suffered. I knew I needed help emotionally as I wasn’t in a good state. This led me to seek out education and knowledge to understand the body in all facets of health, on a mental, physical and emotional level – it felt really empowering and I began to find my feet again.

I decided to further invest in education surrounding nutrition and training allowing me to gain full control of my life not only to live a healthier, stronger and fitter lifestyle but a happy one.

Although I went through a rough and challenging time, I learned a lot! These experiences taught me valuable lessons about training nutrition and self-discovery.

I want to influence clients to embrace a healthier lifestyle avoiding unnecessary pain or lifestyle-related issues that I faced. For clients to feel strong and to use exercise for a positive change and a journey to their self discovery and self love.

To become educated in nutrition so they aren’t vulnerable to quick fixes on social media that will do more harm than good. So they too can live a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle!

Growing up as an Asian woman in a Western environment is difficult because I always felt I had to please both side of my identity. I felt that I needed to fulfil my family cultural expectations in becoming their perfect daughter. However, I wanted to be my definition of successful, being that boss woman of independence and power.

I am so passionate about my vision in creating an inclusive health and fitness space for women who looked like me and have gone through similar experiences. 

The entire physical and mental transformation that I have gone through, the whole process instilled a strong level of mental toughness and discipline that crossed over every other area of my life.

This is what fuels my passion to show others what is possible to reach their full potential!

Its time to take ownership for yourself and your life!

When you’re ready to experience Coaching through education and empowerment, I am here for you!

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My Beliefs


My philosophy on Mindset is to shift the way you think when it comes to overall health and wellness with a holistic approach.

Everything you do starts with your mind. Our daily stresses, sleep quality, activity levels, behaviors and nutrition come together and manifest into the person you are! Nothing occurs alone, every area compliments one another and this is what I will coach and mentor you through in order to become the best version of yourself.


is to nourish yourself, keep it simple and sustainable.

I firmly believe that the practice of a flexible dieting approach is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy relationship with food whilst learning how to be flexible with your own way of eating that aligns with your goals.

I will teach you how to track and include foods that you enjoy most, which will empower you to break free from restrictive diet plans and gain confidence as well as control to eat intuitively again.


To train for strength and move the body more optimally.

I am a strong advocate for strength training for all women not only for getting toned, burning body fat, but optimizing overall health for longevity.

There are a host of physical benefits for strength training, but more importantly, it strengthens your mindset making you feel empowered, shifting the mentality of ‘burning calories’ or exercising to just ‘lose weight’.

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