Kim Mulcahy

When I started my coaching with Ella, I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the right diet and gym regime for me. I never realised that with the guidance and assistance of having her as my coach I would change not just my physical body but my mindset in so many ways. I learnt so much about having a healthy split of nutritious foods & foods that bring me joy, and that was the absolute key to the results I achieved with the guidance and help of Ella.

Her gym programming was challenging but also complimented my busy corporate job schedule, so my training sessions were an outlet as well.

In the time that I was being coached by Ella I hit my goal physique, but I also hit my goal mentality when it comes to dieting, I finally was dieting without feeling like I was actually on a diet. She listened to my weekly check in feedback and made sure that I was still progressing towards my goal but also feeling comfortable with my calories.

I would highly recommend Ella to anyone who not just needs some assistance with a program to follow at the gym, but also anyone who needs to further their knowledge when it comes to understanding calories and a balanced approach to eating.

The highlight of my experience was definitely doing a final comparison with my before and after photos, I honestly didn’t realise how much of an enormous change had occurred to my physique until I saw this! it was amazing.

Thank you for everything Ella, I am so educated because of your coaching & guidance, I am now confident in tracking and making the right choices to achieve my goals.

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